Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Thursday Morning update on performance issues. Bottom line: No noticeable improvements.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday Morning update on performance issues. Bottom line: No noticeable improvements.

Early this morning (Thursday, 7/28) Tyler Technologies took the State's E-Filing Manager (EFM) off-line to do some performance tuning. We have been watching closely this morning, and as of 9AM, it looks like no improvement resulted from this work. (sigh.)

We'll be reporting these results to Tyler Technologies shortly so they can get to work on next steps.

Note that at 9AM, our sample size is fairly small, so our conclusions may be adjusted as the day unfolds, but so far, we're calling this round of tuning ineffective.


Justin said...

First of all, thank you Nick for providing all of this information this past week (and, what looks to be the foreseeable future...). If we call them, they're just experiencing a "minor system issue that should be resolved within the next hour." They provide no truthful information on what's going on, no honest ETA on when it might get fixed, etc. They rush us off the phone. This is starting to turn into "two weeks to flatten the curve."
This was all handled very poorly on their end. I can understand that, maybe...well...hopefully, they're working diligently to get this problem fixed. However, in dealing with garnishment releases, not being able to file these in a timely fashion and having to spend my time calling employers to explain to them that, hey, I've got this garn release in my hands, but I can't file it. And plead with them to stop court-ordered garnishments without a judge's signature, because I have zero clues as to when the one and only e-filing system that runs the state of Indiana does not work.
And, given the fact that we log into websites like Odyssey with our email addresses, have main account/servicer contacts, etc., and we've heard absolutely NOTHING from Tyler regarding this matter is a little ridiculous.
We're filing court documents late, courts are getting backed up and returning documents late, etc.
In fact, it's funny. Our attorney just forwarded me, as I'm typing this working on a Saturday morning due to being so behind on filings now, a judge-signed garnishment release that I've been chasing for eight days that I had to call the employer for on Monday to explain why I cannot get them a signed order. The level of excitement that came over me when I saw this gentleman's name in my inbox was unreal.
As I said in my last comment at the beginning of the week, the cloud system should have never been fully deployed and the old system taken offline until the cloud system was properly tested and proven to work. But, you get what you pay for when the state goes for the lowest bidder...

Nick Fankhauser said...

Thanks for your kind words Justin. Our policy, which we *try* to be true to, is to be honest, communicate often & clearly, and when it's our fault, apologize sincerely. That policy is easy for a small company because within our firm every person is able to communicate directly with every other person. Similarly, there are very few customers that we haven't had at least one interaction with that is similar to the virtual conversation you and I are having right now. That environment makes it easy to stick to our policy.

On the other side, we try to understand the challenges that our counterparts at Tyler are facing. It's a larger organization, with a lot at stake for every decision they make. As much as we'd like them to just revert to the old system, we know they can't turn on a dime when something like this happens. We truly appreciate all of the techs we've been working with at Tyler. It's a good group of individuals, who I believe have also been working evenings and weekends during this mess. We're rooting for them and hope their management provides the resources they need to get us all back on course.

Justin said...

You're right. I've said some things I shouldn't have. I apologize for my snarkiness. While from purely a tech/IT standpoint, I'll never understand why things flowed the way they did, however I need to understand that they are working tirelessly to fix it. I can, on a personal level, appreciate that. Apologies for my poor attitude towards them.
Take care and, again, thanks for all the information.

Nick Fankhauser said...

Chuckle! No worries! I wasn't trying to scold you, just trying to lift your spirits a little by letting you know we're all on the same side, and remote as they are, the engineers at Tyler are sharing our pain right now. In fact, their pain may be a little worse because they can't claim anyone else caused this... I've lapsed into the same level of snarkiness many times during this experience- I'm just fortunate to have friends here who talk me off the ledge when I'm overcome with frustration.