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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Press Release: Doxpop Joins Indiana Electronic Filing Network

Doxpop Joins Indiana Electronic Filing Network

Richmond, Indiana (January 20, 2016) -- The Indiana Supreme Court has certified Doxpop, LLC, as an electronic filing service provider in the Indiana Statewide Electronic Filing System. Attorneys and self-represented litigants may now use Doxpop to submit court case filings electronically in participating trial and appellate courts.

Filers may choose to use the Doxpop system for e-filing, or the more basic e-filing portal provided by the Court, or one provided by other commercial systems. Appellate IT Director Robert Rath explained, "E-file Indiana is a marketplace for independent e-filing service providers. The addition of Doxpop allows litigants the choice of features and services and we are very pleased to announce their certification."

Electronic filing is now available to Doxpop customers. "Doxpop has been serving the needs of the legal community in Indiana since 2002, and we are delighted to provide integrated e-filing services to our subscribers," said Ray Ontko, President of Doxpop. "Users are able to access e-filing functions from the familiar and trusted Doxpop environment they already use to track and research cases every day. All e-filing features, including filing, service, and notification, are available within the Doxpop system."

Attorneys and others who file will be transitioning to electronic filing over the coming year as more courts join the filing network. "Our system makes e-filing simple and our friendly customer support team is ready to guide new users through this transition," said Nick Fankhauser, Doxpop's VP of Indiana Operations.

In 2014 the Indiana Supreme Court announced the implementation of statewide e-filing to reduce paper copies, postage, and trips to the clerk's office. The e-filing initiative has strong support from the legislative and executive branches, attorneys, clerks, judges, and staff. Within the first 100 days of e-filing, more than 4,000 documents were filed electronically. Plans call for statewide implementation by the end of 2018. Information about e-filing can be found at

Doxpop, established in 2002, provides web-based access to local and state government information for the general public at no cost and to attorneys and other professionals for a modest fee. Court case information in 88 of 92 Indiana counties and land records in 37 counties are available online.

You can learn more about Doxpop by visiting or calling 765-965-7363.


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