Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: December 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hancock County Recorded Documents Now Available on Doxpop

Doxpop has completed the addition of Hancock County's Recorded Documents to the Doxpop Public Records Database. This brings the number of documents available on Doxpop to 4,479,448. The number of documents available increases every minute, as regular updates arrive to maintain our real-time database from the recorders we work with.

The Document index information for Hancock County goes back to January of 1990, and images are available through January 2001.

Welcome aboard to all of the folks at Hancock County, and special thanks to Sharon Shambaugh and her staff in the Recorder' Office!

Vanderburgh Court records through 1993 now available on Doxpop

Doxpop has completed the load of all public case records from the Vanderburgh County Courts system. This means that full records are now available for all courts from 1993 through the present. Some records are available prior to 1993, but because not all of the courts used a computer system at that time, we are not claiming a "full" record of cases prior to 1993.

Thanks to Court IT Director Tim VanCleave, Clerk Susan Kirk, and all of the Vanderburgh judges for their support and patience throughout this long project. They're a great group of people to work with and we look forward to a productive (and fun!) future with them.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Coming soon: Hancock County Recorded Documents.

Exciting news: On Monday, 12/14, The Hancock County Recorder's Office will be joining the Doxpop Community. Look for them next week in the growing list of Partner Recorders by clicking on the recorded documents tab in the Doxpop web site next week.

New release schedule for older case records in Vanderburgh County

We have altered our plans for releasing cases from prior years in Vanderburgh County:

Currently, we have cases from 2005 through current available.

The original plan was to release 3 more years (2001 through 2004) today and then the remaining years (1993 through 2001) on 12/23.

The new plan is to not do the small 3-year release today, and instead move all remaining years into production on 12/19.

Doing one large release simplifies our work and makes it easier to move the final completion date a few days earlier. Our apologies if the shifting plans have caused any confusion!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Doxpop training in Evansville will be in Courtroom 110 at the civic center

Rich and I arrived yesterday afternoon to check out the room for training sessions. We will be in room 110. To find us, turn right after you've gone through the security screening area and go to the last room in the hallway.

We will have 6 computers available so those who want to try the system may do so after each training session.

We hope to see many of you there today!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doxpop Training and Demonstration Sessions in Vanderburgh County

On Wednesday, Dec. 9th and Thursday, Dec. 10th, Doxpop will be providing training and demonstration sessions at the Civic Center Complex in Evansville. Although you don't have to register to attend, you may sign up in advance at the Vanderburgh County Courts web site. Sessions are at 10AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM both days, and there will be an evening session at 5:30PM on Wednesday for you over-achievers who can't get away from the office during the day.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We'll be demonstrating the basics for new users and answering questions about advanced features for the folks who already use our system. We hope you to see you there!