Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: January 2020

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

NEW! Improved Super Search now allows Wildcard Searching!

Many of you have enjoyed our Super Search feature, which allows the search terms you enter, along with any relevant similar terms, to appear anywhere in the name, case title, or party string. This has been a really helpful feature in searching court information where E-Filing has introduced more uncertainty in name indexes. The next step to improving our Super Search is to allow a wildcard to end any word.

If you customarily search using last name, first initial (or partial first name) then this feature is for you!

You may now use this approach with the super search. For example, if we're searching the name "Connie Smith-Jones" we can start with the search string: "Smith Jones, Con%"

Searching for "Smith Jones, Con%" brings back 4 results without the Super Search

You can see there are 4 case results, and we've accounted for the hyphenated name by adding some technology that ignores punctuation and other formatting characters. We also see that "Connie" has been spelled differently, and each case has a slightly different name. This has been a fruitful search! Previously, if your search requirements included the use of wildcards, this is as far as you might search. With this improvement, you may now run this same search through Doxpop's Super Search:

Super Search with Wildcards

Here, we have not changed the search string at all, but have added the Super Search by clicking the checkbox. You can see that there are now 6 case results. The super search is breaking our search down into words that be located anywhere in the case party field, as well as allowing any of those words to be open-ended. So not only are we able to see the various spellings of "Connie," we are also able to tackle situations where the names have been entered in a different order or combination.

Searching for "Smith Jones, Con%" brings back 6 results with the Super Search

Please give this improvement a try and let us know how it works. This feature is now available for searching Court Cases, and will be added to our Tax Warrant and Recorded Document search tools very soon. Super Search with Wildcards is a winning combination!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

File size limits increased for E-Filers

The size limits for documents and envelopes submitted to trial courts has been increased to 75MB per envelope, with no single document withing the envelope exceeding 50MB.

This change means the size limits are now consistent for all Indiana Courts. (Trial Courts and Appellate Courts.)