Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: April 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019

Welcome Howard County to e-filing! Now is the time to get your service contact attached to your cases.

On Monday, April 22nd, Howard County joined the list of counties in the Indiana e-file system. 

This is just a reminder that if you have open cases in any of these courts now is the time to use our batch service contact attachment feature to get your preferred service contact attached to all your cases. In addition to finding your Howard county cases, this will catch any other open cases you may not have your private service contact attached to yet in any e-filing county.

We have a quick video showing you how it works if you click on this link.
Note: Public service contacts are now available in your service contact tools as well!

For more information about how private and public service contacts may affect you, visit our initial and follow up blog posts linked below:

Thursday, April 11, 2019

E-filers: A much more friendly and feature packed 'My Electronic Filings' page is here!

The My Electronic Filings (MEF) page has gotten a new look and new features.

If you haven't used this page before, make sure you take a look next time you're logged in! It's the second option down in the e-filing tab. Here's what we changed:

First, a new layout that we feel is much easier to follow and read. Each envelope can be collapsed and expanded to hide or view details, meaning a much less crowded page. The search criteria have not changed, and the 'filter' field at the top right still allows you to quickly locate a filing by entering any word or phrase displayed in the envelope details.

When you first visit the page you'll notice we default to all the envelopes being 'collapsed'. To see the details and documents for an envelope just use the small triangle icon to the left to expand or collapse document details. If you want all envelopes to be expanded or collapsed, use the icon in the header.

In addition to the new look making the page easier to scan visually, we added a few features that our users have requested. Some new features you will find:

  • For new cases, the location (county) the case was submitted to will show in the case number/name field until the envelope is accepted and a case number assigned. We added this because we have found that a regular mistake people make is selecting an adjoining location from the drop-down list during initial filing.
  • In the details, we now display the document's security setting so you can now double check that you marked that filing as confidential. 
  • Color coding highlights filings that may need attention. 

What do you think of this updated page? Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know by emailing