Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: June 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Updates off for many CSI Counties on June 30th; Some excess notifications generated.

In preparation for statute changes taking effect on July 1, mass updates were done in all counties using the CSI JTS case management system over the weekend of June 28th & 29th.

These updates caused some incorrect notifications of minute entry changes on watched cases, for which we apologize!

The updates also caused a log-jam in our own system as Doxpop attempted to process the flood of changes. To resolve this problem, we have taken the CSI counties offline while we process the excess transactions in each. As each county is cleaned up, we will bring it back online, and the case data will be re-synced with the county system.

What this means for our users is :

  1. The data for many counties will be "stale" for most of today, with the information being current only as of the end of June 27th (Friday night.) Take note of the "freshness date" in the upper left corner of each case detail record to see if the case you are viewing is affected.
  2. If you received many minute entry notifications over the weekend, they may be safely ignored. However, notifications received on Friday or after Noon today are valid.
Apologies for the inconvenience this will cause! Although we were not prepared for these updates, we feel confident we can get everything back to normal during the course of the next 24 hours... It will just be a bit slow because we are taking care to ensure that no actual changes to the data you care about are lost in the process.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A better recorded document result page

Today Doxpop is releasing several changes to our recorded document search that we think you'll like. Here is what changed:

  1. A cleaner format, designed to work with wider screens.
  2. No document is presented more than once. Previously, if a search for a partial name matched two parties, the document would be displayed once for each matching party. Now, there are no duplicates.
  3. More documents returned. Previously you were limited to 200 results for each search. Now up to 500 results can be displayed.
  4. Sorting! You can reorder the results by clicking at the top of any column. (Note however, that if more than 500 results are returned, sorting can't be used

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supporting the public with public information

At a recent meeting of the the Judicial Technology Oversight Commission, Doxpop fielded a question from a committee member who asked if  "Joe Public" could use Doxpop for free.

The answer is "yes!"

We call our free service the "Informed Citizen" account, but maybe we should change the name to the "Joe Public" account, because (when you include Josephine) that's exactly who we had in mind.

This free account has been a hit, and since we've introduced it, people have signed up for 33,000 "Joe Public" accounts. Each week more than14,000 searches are done using these accounts. The free account level includes access to all of our features, including unlimited support over the phone or eMail to make sure you find what you need. One commonly used feature is the ability to "save" a case, set an alert on it, and come back to it any number of times in the future - all for free.

It only takes a minute to get started with a free account-

Sign up at this page: Make sure you select the plan that costs $0/month.

We were surprised that a member of the Judicial Technology Oversight Commission didn't know about this service, but it underscores the need for us to spread the word, so please help us encourage people to make use of Doxpop's free service by sharing this post with your friends.