Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: June 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and USPS Address Verification now available with Delivery by Doxpop!

Doxpop's mail and sheriff's service feature, Delivery by Doxpop, is quickly becoming a favorite among our users and we're committed to making the feature even better with the addition of USPS Priority and Priority Express mail as well as USPS address validation!

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are perfect for those times when certified mail isn’t necessary but you'd still like the ability to track and verify the delivery of your package. Priority Mail services have several benefits:

  • Provides tracking, often at less cost than certified mail.
  • Provides a faster delivery window compared to first-class mail.
  • Accommodates larger packages, allowing up to 2,498 pages.
  • And yes, you can also send sheriff's service packets via priority mail giving you tracking and the ability for much larger filings, up to 828 pages, to be sent.
  • If you need a signed return receipt for proof of service, that can be added so you get the equivalent of certified mail, but fast.

USPS Address Validation allows you to validate the mailing address you're sending service to with the USPS address database. This allows more reliable (faster) routing of your mail through the postal system and ensures your mailing meets the requirements for guaranteed delivery time via the priority USPS services. Scroll down to find some quick tips on these new features. Not already familiar with our Delivery by Doxpop features? Take a look at our previous posts about the service and how it can help your firm at the links below:

Delivery by Doxpop makes service as easy as it used to be.

Delivery by Doxpop: FAQ 

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What you need to know to mail Priority Mail services:

When you select the Delivery by Doxpop option for a case party, you will now see Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express in the available options. If you select Priority Mail the available options will open and then you can select between having delivery confirmation or signature confirmation.

The USPS does require a validated address for all Priority Mail services so the address will automatically be placed in an editable state. Take a moment to verify the address is correct, and the most complete address you have. Then click the [Validate Mailing Address] button to run address validation. A pop-up will appear displaying the original address alongside the version of that address the USPS has in their database. Simply click the [Use USPS Address] button to update the address and get your green checkmark.


Using USPS Address Validation for other mailing types:

Since address validation is currently not required by the USPS on first-class or certified mail, we don’t require that you use the validation tool on those mailings. However, we still make it available for you and encourage you to use it to prevent delivery delays. If you select a service where it is not required you can access the tool by clicking on the pencil icon to edit the address. Then the [Validate Mailing Address] button will appear and you can use it to verify the mailing address.