Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: July 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

A fun new feature for Recorded Documents in Shelby, Franklin, Jennings, Randolph, Union and Vermillion Counties.

Do you use Doxpop to research Recorded Documents in any County that uses the WTH "ThinkGIS" system for displaying parcel information on the web?

If so, you can now go from viewing the Deed for a parcel on Doxpop to viewing that parcel's information on the county GIS system with a single click!

To try this, look up a recent deed in any of the following counties:
  • Shelby
  • Franklin
  • Jennings
  • Randolph
  • Union 
  • Vermillion
Then go to the "document details" page and click on the "map" link in the "Property Information" area. (Be patient- it sometimes takes the map a while to load.)

Pretty cool, Huh? 

New "stealth" feature released, and more on the way!

This weekend, Doxpop released a stealth feature that you have to know about in order to use it. Read on to join the inner circle...

The results on a Court Case Search can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings. When you click on the heading, the results will be re-displayed with a small arrow indicating whether the sort is in ascending or descending order.

The only limitation on the sorting feature is that you can't use it if a search returns more than 1000 results. In that situation, narrow your results down first by using the "refine search" link.

Sorting also works in your "My saved cases" list.

Here are a few other browser-based features you might want to try out when working with large lists:
  • To get to the bottom or top of the list quickly, use the [End] and [Home] keys next to your keypad.
  • To scroll through the results one page at a time, use the [Page Up] and [Page Down] keys.
  • To find all occurrences of a particular word or name in a large list, use [Ctrl]-[F] (just like the "find" shortcut in most word processors) and enter the word or name you are searching for.

We are testing the sorting feature in preparation for rolling out a similar feature for the recorded document results, watch this blog for the announcement of that change!