Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: August 2021

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Announcing the new Civil Judgment Search!


Doxpop has added an important new feature to our court searching system: Civil Judgment Search! 

As Indiana Courts have made the transition to the Odyssey case management system, one advantage is that civil judgments are entered consistently and in a format that Doxpop can reliably search.

Doxpop's new Judgment Search will identify all civil judgments for a person (or organization) along with the judgment amount and date. We do this by searching the same base data that is used to generate the Judgment Docket, which is the basis for creating a lien against real estate property, as per IC 34-55-9. This makes our Judgment Search a fantastic tool for title searchers or anyone looking to identify liens!

One important limitation of this tool is that each county has reliable judgment information beginning the day they began using the Odyssey system. Check our coverage data at this link for this information. For judgments prior to this transition, you'll still need to search through civil cases to locate any judgments that may have been noted in the minute entries. This means you'll want to take a hybrid approach to be certain that you've identified all judgments, but as time marches forward this new judgment search feature will cover more of the history you need.

You can find judgment searches anywhere you searched for court cases. Just switch over to the Judgment Search tab and perform your search!

We've also applied Doxpop's advanced searching logic to this new feature!

The results list makes it easy to quickly identify records of interest and includes a link to jump directly to the case details.

Whether you use a court case search or a judgment search to locate cases with possible you'll find detailed judgment entries now in the case details for those cases where we have that record. 

If you have any questions or comments about this, or any Doxpop feature, don't hesitate to contact Doxpop support via email,, or give us a call at 1-866-369-7671. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Doxpop is removing all saved searches based on "actor ID". Here's why...

Doxpop used to allow our users to watch a particular record identifying a person or organization involved in a case. This record was identified by an "actor ID". 

This was one of our less brilliant ideas, because as we quickly learned, it is common for judicial staff to create a new record for a person every time they are involved in a court case, which makes such a search almost useless.

For instance, if you're trying to keep an eye on Freddy Krueger so you know when he gets into trouble, you might search for his name and find that he's got several speeding tickets. Then, while looking at his detailed party (actor) record on one of those cases, you used to be able to say "watch this record". The problem is that when Freddy gets new speeding ticket, the clerk enters a new record for him, and it usually doesn't get attached to the existing record, so you miss it.

What you should do instead is just search for the name "Freddy Krueger" every time you wonder whether he's gotten into mischief again. This will return all records matching that name, no matter how many times it has been re-entered. Setting a watch on that name search will give you exactly the results you expect.

We removed the option to create or save searches many years ago, but didn't delete any searches that people had already saved. This week, we're doing the last bit of housecleaning on these searches, and remove any saved searches based on actor ID.

If you're reading this post because we sent you an email warning you that we're about to delete one of your old saved searches based on actor ID, here's what you should do:

  1. If it's an old search that you don't use anymore, do nothing.
  2. If it's a search that you care about and still use, log into your account and create a new search based on the person's name instead of an "actor ID". Call us if you need help doing that.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Switzerland County Recorder now available for searching on Doxpop!


Welcome to our newest Indiana County partner, the Switzerland County Recorder's Office! The new Recorder, Dawn Naylor, has worked hard to convert her Land Records to a new management system and allowed Doxpop access to 10-minute updates of index data and images in this office.

The searchable index of Switzerland County's Recorded Document begins at the end of 1998, with document images available beginning in 2003. One important thing to note about this collection of Land Records is that legal description information converted from the previous system is often contained in a single text field. Searching this legal description in the customary fields may not produce complete results, and we suggest that you use the "Document Contains" text search option on our Advanced Search:

The Recorder and her staff are already working to improve the legal description indexes, so we do expect Legal Description fields to be available in Switzerland County over time. Look for Subdivision names and Section-Township-Range searching to be available for recent documents in the near future.

Another helpful option for narrowing by Legal Description information in our search results is to make use of the Filter option. For example, here we have limited recent Deeds (of which there are 20+ results) by the string "3-5-12" for the Section, Township, and Range:

This has limited the result set to only the two documents that display the string "3-5-12" and is a helpful to narrow larger result sets.

Thank you to the Switzerland County Recorder's Office for their work to change systems and update index information! Please contact Doxpop Customer Support with questions or concerns about these search options and how to make them work for you: 866-369-7176 or

Warrick County Courts Convert to Odyssey- Your Doxpop Access is Unaffected!


Over the weekend of August 7th, the Courts in Warrick County were converted to the Odyssey case management system, which means their Case Management System is now administered by Indiana Trial Court Technology.

This move does not affect Doxpop users because Doxpop buys access to a real-time feed of court data from the Odyssey system from the Division of State Court Administration. Your access to Warrick County court information or your ability to e-file through Doxpop will not be interrupted during this transition.

A few of the services we provide will look odd during the transition because there will be a four-six week period when both the old data and the new data are available. In particular:
  • If you use the personal calendar feature to keep track of hearings connected to your Bar ID, you will see two colors for Warrick County on your calendar. Every event will be available, but the older cases will have a different color from the newer cases. When we complete the merge process, these will go back to being a single color.
  • When you look at our "County Details Page", you will find two entries for each court until the merge is complete.
  • When you are doing searches, you will find two entries for some cases. This is because while we are loading the information from Odyssey, we will also be maintaining the old data until the operation is complete to ensure you don't miss anything. When you see two case entries, please look at both to ensure you have the most current information.
  • If you use any of our "watch" services to keep an eye on cases or people of interest, we will be moving those watches over so they point to the cases and people that are a part of the Odyssey data feed. We run a process to convert these every hour, but it is possible for notification of events to slip through the cracks between conversion runs so you may want to periodically do a manual check between now and September 6th . After then, we'll be back to normal.
Tax warrants will not be affected at all by this transition.

Finally, one deficiency in the Odyssey system is that financial information is not exported in their data feed, so that detail will not be available after the transition. We regularly ask that TCT add this to the data feed, but so far, we are told that it is not allowed because the clerks using the Odyssey system have requested that TCT not make that information available to us. If this information is important to you, please encourage the clerks you work with to tell TCT differently so we can get the information back online.

As always, we are available to answer any questions in person, so don't hesitate to call support at 866-369-7671 if you have any questions.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Make sure you are getting all that important email. Take two.

Recently the state e-filing manager changed the email domain from which they send e-filing emails. This has caused a significant increase in calls to Doxpop about missing emails so we wanted to revisit a topic we've previously posted about. Below is an updated posting of our guidance on what we think you should take to ensure you, and anyone else at your firm, are receiving all the e-filing and court-related emails you should expect.

We strongly recommend that if you are not the person that manages your firm email, you forward this information to that department or person. 


In the context of e-filing, it has become especially important that your email from the court makes it through unfettered and in a timely fashion. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

First, make sure you control the filtering. Some Internet Service Providers "helpfully" remove those messages that they deem to be spam before it even gets to your email client. You should view this practice with caution because it means you aren't in direct control of where your mail ends up.

We also know a number of our users utilize auto-forwarding rules to send some e-filing or court emails to other people in their firm. If that is the case, you should periodically review those rules to make sure they are current. We know some have set them based on the sender domain and since the e-file manager recently updated that domain those rules could be broken. Also, if you use the subject line, this has been known to be updated over time and that could also break the rules set.  

Second, recognize that there are several types of email to make sure you don't classify as spam:
  • Notification of Electronic Filing: Emails confirming you submitted an envelope and when that envelope was submitted. These always come back to the filer only (not necessarily the attorney).
  • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: Emails acknowledging acceptance or rejection of the submitted envelope. These always come back to the filer only (not necessarily the attorney).
  • Notification of Service: These go to an attorney's service contact attached to the case, which may mean that administrative copies are being sent to an assistant as well as the attorney.
  • Administrative Copy of Service: These are copies sent by the e-file system of the service email sent to an attorney to other people listed based on the service contact set-up. 
  • Notices of Orders & Judgments: These aren't really part of e-filing, but are equally important. This is how most courts deliver documents signed by the judge to you. These always go to a single email address.
  • Doxpop Notifications: If you are a Doxpop subscriber, you may also have configured our service to send you notifications of changes in specific cases or more broadly, notification of any change to your hearing schedule.
Third, configure your email client to never flag emails as spam if they come from any of the known court domains or addresses. This is called "whitelisting." and can be performed by the user if you have an email address not managed by a system administrator or you may need to forward this information to your system administrator 

Below are the senders you should whitelist. This list is current as of 8/6/21 and we'll update this as new services or counties are added:

Here's the list of domains that you should always accept email from:
 And some specific addresses:

If you have any questions please give support a call at 866-369-7671 or