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Monday, December 19, 2016

Adding an attorney to a case while e-filing.

We have learned recently that Hendricks County will no longer add an attorney to a case when he or she files an appearance. They now depend on the e-filer to do that.

We are not yet aware whether other counties have adopted this policy, but since this was not an operation Doxpop previously supported, we scrambled to add this function for you. Here's how to use it:

When filing an appearance on an existing case, look in the section titled "New Case Parties/Attorneys" for the button that says "Add Attorney". Click on this button...

A dialog box will pop open that lists the parties. Find the party to be represented, and then use the drop-down menu labeled "Choose Attorney" to select the correct attorney from your firm...

The most common use of this function will be adding a single attorney to represent a previously unrepresented party. However, the system works fine for more complex situations. For instance:

  • You may add more than one attorney for any party.
  • If the party is currently unrepresented, you may specify which of the attorneys you are adding is the lead attorney.
  • You may add attorney(s) to more than one party, to cover situations where you represent multiple parties on the same case.
  • If a party already has an attorney, you may still add an additional attorney. Be aware that there is no option to designate the "lead" attorney in this situation. Rather, the existing lead attorney is listed as the "lead" until they are withdrawn. This may occur when you are taking over for another attorney, but the clerk/court has not yet processed that attorney's withdrawal.
Give us a call or email if you have any questions about this feature! or 866-369-7671.

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