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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Court & E-Filing changes for 2017

A few changes to court rules and information that everyone should be aware of as we enter 2017:

1) E-Filing is now required for case initiation in Hamilton County.

Here's a refresher on how to do this in Doxpop:

Remember that when initiating a case via e-filing, you are responsible for registered mail and delivering documents to the sheriff for service. In Hamilton County, you pay the sheriff directly for service. Most Sheriff's offices require three copies.

2) Subsequent filing on civil cases only is now mandatory in Wells County.

E-filing on criminal cases is still available but optional for Wells while they work out a few kinks in the system.

3) Four new case types have been added and one has been retired.
  • DR has been retired. Cases filed prior to 2017 will retain this designation, but it won't be used going forward.
  • DN is the new designation for Domestic Relation (Divorce) cases not involving children.
  • DC is the new designation for Domestic Relation (Divorce) cases involving children.
  • TS is the new designation for an application for judgment in a tax sale.
  • TP is the new designation for a verified petition to issue a tax deed.
The domestic relations types are fairly self-explanatory. The new tax sale designations are particularly helpful for abstractors and folks dealing in real estate. These used to be buried in miscellaneous civil, making them hard to search for. The new types will make life much easier for researchers looking for liens or tax deeds on real property.

4) There are no big changes to the e-filing rules. 

This isn't really a change, but it is notable that nothing in Trial Rule 86 changed. That was unexpected after the many changes we saw in 2015. This is a great sign that Indiana's system is past many of its growing pains!

5) Next up for e-filing: Washington County on 1/16, and Allen & Posey Counties on 2/16.

Give us a call if you need help preparing to e-file in these counties!

Click here to see the entire list of rule changes that took effect during 2016 or on 1/1/2017 on the State Court's web site.

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