Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Excellent progress on slowness/instability; Issues with unstamped documents.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Excellent progress on slowness/instability; Issues with unstamped documents.

Speed issues:

On Tuesday, 8/16 Tyler Technologies released an upgrade to their EFM that they hoped would provide them with better event logging that in turn would support better diagnostics. 

During the day on Tuesday, it didn't go well, leading to general concern that this might have been a step backward. However, after the rough start, Wednesday started to look better, and after three days of better performance, we're ready to call it a significant improvement.

Did we get all the way back to the performance levels prior to the cloud migration? No, not quite, but very close. Here's the path we've taken: 

On the day after the cloud migration upgrade & for several days following, response time was 22 times as long as it was before the "upgrade". In short, the system was practically unusable. 

The Tyler folks put in a long weekend doing performance tuning, and the following week, the response times were 3 times as long as before the upgrade. That was good enough that most filers were able to get their work done, but still slow enough that high-volume filers,  such as those representing creditors, were still unable to get all of their filing done without working evenings and weekends. This situation lasted for almost three weeks.

Last Tuesday, we had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good. Very Bad Day. However, the clouds parted on Wednesday, and we started to see speeds a little over twice the original response time.

Finally, On Thursday and Friday, we started to see response times that are consistently 1.5 times as long as prior to the original upgrade. Not perfect, but a substantial improvement. We'll continue to press for a return to full speed, but this should be a welcome relief for the high-volume filers.

File Stamps:

Note: On Wednesday/Thursday, several filers reported receiving accepted documents without file stamps. We inquired with the State about this and learned that from roughly 3:00PM on Wednesday, 8/17 until Noon on Thursday, 8/18, automated file stamping was disabled on the Court's review system. 

That has been fixed, and should not be a problem in the future. We haven't been told whether the Courts are going back to re-stamp the documents received during that time.

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