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Saturday, September 10, 2022

The State System had some issues delivering service emails on Friday, September 9th.

 On Friday, September 9th, several filers notified us that they were receiving "Electronic Service Undeliverable" messages when E-Filing.

This is a message that you will normally receive when you try to use E-Service to notify a party of a filing, but that party's email account rejects the message. In that situation, the correct action is to contact the party and let them know something is wrong with the email associated with their service contact and then either do a "service only" filing after they've corrected the problem, or provide them with a hard copy.

Unfortunately, Friday wasn't a normal day. On Friday, dozens of people received these messages because of a failure in the State's EFM, which sends the emails with service notifications. If you received one of these messages on Friday, it is very likely that the intended recipient's email is fine, and you just need to do a "service only" filing to re-send the documents now that the problem with the EFM is fixed.

To do a service-only filing, just locate the the case as you normally would to do a subsequent filing, and then in the third section of the e-filing screen, click on the "Switch to Service Only" button before uploading the same documents you filed when you got the "Undeliverable" message.

Screen capture showing the service only button

When you are in service-only mode, the documents you upload are sent to all of the E-Service contacts attached to the case via verified delivery, but are *not* sent to the court, so this won't create a duplicate filing with the court.

Let us know if you have any questions about this! We're here to help.

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