Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Friday update on the E-Filing slowness issue.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday update on the E-Filing slowness issue.

Yesterday, (8/4) we participated in a discussion of this problem with the State's EFM* vendor (Tyler Technologies.) A few important notes from that meeting:

1) The network routing and latency issues that we had hoped might provide an explanation have been eliminated as a cause.

2) The slow response time is affecting all Indiana filers, regardless of their EFSP**.

3) More diagnostic information is needed, so early next week, Tyler will be deploying a version of the EFM that logs more information in support of the diagnostic effort.

4) The result of #3 is that we know this won't be fixed in a matter of days. It will be at least a week while the new logging software is deployed. (*sigh*)

We came away from this meeting frustrated, but with the understanding that Tyler is working diligently on this problem. They are fully aware of the pain it is causing filers, particularly those of you who submit high volumes of filings where response time is critical. We will continue to support them in their efforts by providing regular feedback from our own logging system.

* EFM = E-Filing Manager, the system through which all filings are routed to destination courts.

** EFSPs = E-Filing Service Providers, The web sites used by filers to compose and submit filing envelopes.


justin said...

What an absolute nightmare the last few days have been.
We just received a call from a court (Decatur Township, IN), stating that they received hundreds of filings at one time, they all have error messages, cannot be accepted and their only choice is to cancel every single one of them. Since the "update" this morning, we can't log in, or, if we do get logged in, we start to file and get kicked out.

Nick Fankhauser said...

I'm sorry Justin, I completely agree, but as the problem is with the State's portion of the system, all I can offer at the moment is sympathy and the assurance that we're sending the State's EFM vendor equally strong messages. I just posted an update on the blog moments after you commented, but honestly, it doesn't add much information other than noting that the latest upgrade caused instability in addition to slowness.