Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Appeals must be initiated via e-filing beginning September 1st

On July 26, an order amending the rules for appellate procedure effective September 1, 2018 was filed.

You can view the order here:

The quick summary is that previously, the words "conventionally", and in two places "electronically" were used to specify the method of filing the documents initiating an appeal. Those modifiers have now been removed so this section no longer specifies any exception from the general rules for filing.

Rule 68(C)(1) says "Unless otherwise permitted by these rules, all documents submitted for filing in the Indiana Supreme Court or Court of Appeals by an attorney must be filed electronically using the IEFS." (Bolding added by this blogger.)

Doxpop is prepared for this, and you will find the details of how to initiate an appeal via e-filing in a previous post found here:

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