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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Missing court cases for August 23rd

Court case searchers:

UPDATE: This was resolved in the afternoon of Friday, August 24th. 

During the evening hours of  Wednesday, August 22nd our operations team attempted an application upgrade that subsequently failed around 11pm. As a result of that failure, any court cases filed after that time are not displayed.

Our operations team is working to resolve this and we expect to have all new cases loaded and caught up by Friday evening.

This largely only affects new cases filed Thursday, August 23rd. Most updates made on that day to existing cases are not affected but there may be some information not updated until we have fully processed all the data.

There is a separate issue with Warrick County cases. Warrick County has been experiencing technical issues at the county Courthouse since Monday of this week and we have not been receiving updates from them all week. For this reason, we do not have any Warrick county cases for this week. We believe the technical issue on their end is resolved on their end and expect their cases to be caught up by Friday evening as well.

This does NOT affect e-filing, you still may still e-file on any case that you have the case number for via the e-filing tab.

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