Monday, July 30, 2018

Did e-filing downtime on Monday, July 30th cause you to miss a deadline? Here's what to do:

Beginning at roughly 9AM on Monday, July 30th, the State's side of the Indiana e-filing system was experiencing sporadic outages and issues, thus preventing users from e-filing on some cases. At the time of this posting, we have received confirmation of the issues from the Office of Judicial Administration and they have told us they are working with the E-file Manager to resolve. We will update this blog when the issue appears resolved. 

If you are reading this before midnight on 7/30 and have a deadline today, the simplest course is to just go ahead and submit your filing now to avoid the need to file a motion for an extension.

If it is now too late, and this situation caused you to miss a deadline, take a look at Trial Rule 86(N)(1), which essentially provides for a one-day extension when a lengthy e-filing system outage prevents filers from meeting a deadline.

We expect that the Trial Courts will all be aware of the scope and timing of this statewide outage via direct communication from Trial Court Technology. However, if the court you are working with requires a statement from Doxpop to attach as an exhibit to the motion described in TR 86(N)(1)(d), please let us know and we'll be happy to supply documentation in support of your motion. (Simply attaching a screen print of this blog post may be sufficient.)

On the appellate side, take a look at Rule 68(M)(1)(d), which appears to be nearly identical to the Trial Court rule on this topic.

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