Monday, May 14, 2018

E-filers: A Change to Service Contact Attachment- We can rebuild it, we have the technology.

A slightly new approach to service contacts.

Since the State Court made changes to how private and public service contacts are managed we have strived to make things easier for our users. With this latest design release, we have made a big leap forward! The changes are slight but mighty as we will now automatically show your firm's private and public service contacts in one drop down saving you time-consuming mouse clicks.

You will see the biggest change when filing into an existing case:

Service Contacts when filing in an existing case.
One less pop-up window to open when you are attaching a service contact for your firm. We now present you with the service contact list right on the filing page.

You will now see all the service contacts associated with your firm, private and public.
Your private service contacts will list at the top and then below, indicated by the globe icon, your firm's public service contacts will be shown.
In addition, as we learn which service contact you use most, it will float to the top of the list.
When you do need to attach a public service contact that is not within your firm (i.e. opposing counsel) just select the 'Find a Public Service Contact' option and the Public Service Contact search window will appear.

You'll also see we now provide you with your firm's public service contacts in addition to the private contacts both when filing a new case and in our service contact tools section. 

New Case

Service Contact Tools

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