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Friday, April 20, 2018

How to view electronic filings for a particular submitter and group by submitter.

Earlier this week we posted that an update to the e-filing system now allowed all firm users to see all firm filings on their My Electronic Filings page, and promised to get an enhancement out so you can opt to view only your own filings. That has been completed.

All users will now see a "Submitter" search option in the upper left, and a column that shows the submitter. If you're an administrator on your e-filing account, this will not be new to you. For all our other users, we think this will help you manage the list of filings when it seems too much to look at!

SEARCH: Use the Submitter drop down menu at the top left to select your name. Click the Search button and it will return only filings you've submitted in the time frame selected in Date of Filing. When/if you need to see filings from other submitters, just return the drop down option to "Choose" and search again.

FILTER: With the Filter Results field on the right, you can select which filings you want displayed out of the total results for your search parameters. The addition of the Submitter column allows you to enter the name of any e-filing user on your firm account, and only their filings will be displayed. Just clear the Filter field to return to showing all the filings.

SORT: You can sort filings in ascending or descending alpha order by clicking the arrow next to the word submitter. This will keep all the filings available in the results list, but group the filings by the submitter's name.

This will make it easier to track your own filings while retaining the new option to view the filings of others in your firm when you are working together on a case or filling in for a coworker who is out of the office. If you have any trouble with it please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We also love feedback, so if you have suggestions about how to make this even better, please be free with those as well!

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