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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lake County Court Case Information Begins to Arrive at Doxpop.

During the next few weeks, you may see cases from Lake County appear in your searches.

This is happening because we are receiving active cases from Lake County when they are updated. However, we won't have complete information from Lake County until early June, so please don't depend on the information until we announce the complete load of all history.

Here's the timeline:
  • Over the weekend of May 19-20, Lake County converted to the Odyssey case management system and Doxpop started receiving new and updated court case records.
  • We expect to receive the complete history of Lake County court cases of the weekend of 6/2-6/3. On 6/10, we will load the information into our database and complete history will be available.
  • E-Filing through Doxpop and other systems using the State EFM will not be available until early 2019. (This is a general date prediction- for a project this size, it may be fluid.)
We are very excited to finally be adding the last Indiana County to Doxpop's Court database! Keep an eye on this blog in early June for an announcement that the process is completed.

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