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Thursday, May 24, 2018

New! Your Doxpop Alerts are now displayed on the website!

Welcome to the NEW Doxpop Notifications Tab!

We are very excited to be rolling out the latest Doxpop feature to make your work just a little bit easier. 

By now you should be familiar with Doxpop's search watch and alert features for court cases, recorded documents & tax warrants
(If you are not familiar these features now is the time to find out!  These functions are included in every subscription, so give us a call at 866-369-7671 and we will be happy to show you!)

Now we've added to that feature by giving you the ability to review and manage all these alerts within the Doxpop website.

Where to find it? You'll find the notifications tab on the right, next to the help tab.
Notice the count of unread notifications.

Click the notification tab and you should find the interface to be very intuitive, so I'm just going to point a few basic things out:
  • You can open and review your notifications, mark ones you feel are important, and archive them once you are done. This functions very much like most email services.  
  • Use the filter field to find specific notifications using any of the information that would be contained in the notification, such as a case number or a party name. 

Click on an alert for the same details we provide in the emails:

  • You can then navigate between alerts using the previous and next arrows in the upper right.
  • Just as with the alert emails, you will have links within the notification details to take you directly to the related search or item. 

We hope you love this new feature and we think it has the potential for future enhancements. If you have any suggestions for this or any other Doxpop feature, please contact our support team by email at or give us a call at 866-369-7671.

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