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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Streamlining the E-Filing system.

  • If you are a solo practitioner, you may have wondered why we make you choose yourself from a list of only one possible attorney for every filing...
  • Or if you only have one payment method available, you may have wondered why we give you a menu with one choice instead of just filling it in for you...

Wouldn't it be easier if in every situation where there's only one option, we just filled in that option for you? We think so, and that's what we've done. Starting right now, when you go through the e-filing screens, in any place where there's only one possible answer, we've just filled that in for you.

This will affect you most if you're a solo practice with one attorney, one service contact and one payment method. However, even larger firms will find that their work is streamlined. For instance, when you are filing a new case, and adding the last required party, the role of that party will be pre-selected for you.

These are minor improvements, but since you use this system for your work every day, we believe you'll appreciate the attention to little details that add up over time.

Did we miss anything? Let us know if you come across any other situation where we can eliminate repetitive work. That's what computers are for!

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Anonymous said...

At the LCBA's seminar on 7/27/17, paralegals at my table were complaining about repetitive e-mails . . . all over the mere filing of a single document! Their IN boxes were being innundated, and the volume of repetitive letters tended to make it difficult to follow truly important letters, such as recent filings by opposing counsel.

Today I learned by phone with DOXPOP's representative that TYLER controls those e-mails...that it is Tyler's fault that IN boxes are being flooded with repetitive notices of filing, handling, etc., over mundane matters.

Surely I would want that issue to have been resolved before I opt to sign on to any provider for e-filing service and assistance, since I truly dread missing an e-mail letter of critical importance to me, simply because my IN box was flooded with inane, repetitive notices of a mere formality in nature!

I would appreciate having your feedback and any proposal or promise to have addressed and resolved this issue. Thanks!