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Monday, July 3, 2017

Two hiccups in the rollout of July 1 changes

This morning, we learned of two issues with changes that took effect on July 1:

Two fees displayed:

Due to a limitation in the clerk's portion of the system, in some counties both the old and new amounts will be shown for the sheriff's service fee for a few days. This will go away as soon as all filings submitted before 7/1 are processed, so probably within a week.

When you are filing, you should always select the new (higher) amount for the sheriff's service fee.

Fees displayed incorrectly: 

[This problem has been corrected, you can safely ignore the information below, but we have kept the information because it sometimes helps to know that a problem existed even after it is gone.]

For some counties, the sheriff's service fee is displayed as $29 rather than $28 in the area where you select sheriff's service. Fortunately, you can safely ignore this, because when the final fees are calculated, the correct $28 fee is assessed and displayed just before you hit the "submit" button.

This is a problem with tables that will need to be corrected by the folks at the State, so we have made them aware of the problem and expect that they will fix it later today. Unfortunately, we can't fix this on our end, so we'll have to wait for their response.

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