Thursday, July 20, 2017

New feature: Automatically assign your service contact to a new case.

Doxpop just added a new feature to our system for folks e-filing new cases. You can select a service contact from your firm to be attached to the case as soon as it is accepted by the clerk.

This happens on the first step of the new filing process, where you select the filing attorney:

If you do not want to attach a contact, uncheck the box. If you do want to attach a contact, leave the box checked and choose the filing attorney. A drop-down menu will appear that allows you to choose one of the service contacts in your firm:

When the case is accepted and case number is assigned, we will automatically attach this contact to the case for you. 

The first few times that you use this feature, you will have to select a contact, but as time goes on, our system will learn from you, and instead of having to select a contact, the menu will default to your most common choice.

Give us a call (866-369-7671) or email ( if you have any questions!

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