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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

How the USPS service changes affect Delivery by Doxpop customers


On Oct 1st, 2021 the US Postal Service implemented new service standards for First-Class Mail (FCM) along with some slight rate increases. We reviewed these changes and found they may affect users of our Delivery by Doxpop service. 

Here is a summary:

Service time-

Doxpop uses several different printing and mailing facilities in order provide a reliable, high quality, and cost-effective service. Our primary FCM facilities are located in Michigan and Arizona. 

Per the USPS announcement, FCM may now take 3-4 days for a piece of FCM to make it to its destination instead of 2-3 days in their previous service commitment. These new service standards describe the level of service we've often experienced this year, so we don't feel this change will amount to much difference in the delivery times you already see. 

If time is important we continue to suggest using the priority mail options which will continue a 1-2 day range delivery within Indiana. Note that Certified Mail is considered First-Class Mail, so we expect delivery times to mirror what we see with regular FCM along with delivery via FCM of sheriff's service. 

We will continue to monitor delivery times and if we see delivery times from the USPS slowing even further, we'll explore possible updates or changes to see if we can speed up that time.   


Along with this change in service standards, the USPS announced a few minor increases in postage rates at least through the end of the year. Doxpop is committed to providing Delivery by Doxpop services at a reasonable rate and we want to ensure we have done our due diligence before adjusting the rates we charge for this service. We expect that we will have to increase our rates to compensate for increased costs, and will announce those once that decision is made. 

Our customers shape our services so if you have any feedback on how this may affect your business we want to hear about it. Contact our support team at 866-369-7671 or with any questions or comments. 

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