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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Announcing the new Civil Judgment Search!


Doxpop has added an important new feature to our court searching system: Civil Judgment Search! 

As Indiana Courts have made the transition to the Odyssey case management system, one advantage is that civil judgments are entered consistently and in a format that Doxpop can reliably search.

Doxpop's new Judgment Search will identify all civil judgments for a person (or organization) along with the judgment amount and date. We do this by searching the same base data that is used to generate the Judgment Docket, which is the basis for creating a lien against real estate property, as per IC 34-55-9. This makes our Judgment Search a fantastic tool for title searchers or anyone looking to identify liens!

One important limitation of this tool is that each county has reliable judgment information beginning the day they began using the Odyssey system. Check our coverage data at this link for this information. For judgments prior to this transition, you'll still need to search through civil cases to locate any judgments that may have been noted in the minute entries. This means you'll want to take a hybrid approach to be certain that you've identified all judgments, but as time marches forward this new judgment search feature will cover more of the history you need.

You can find judgment searches anywhere you searched for court cases. Just switch over to the Judgment Search tab and perform your search!

We've also applied Doxpop's advanced searching logic to this new feature!

The results list makes it easy to quickly identify records of interest and includes a link to jump directly to the case details.

Whether you use a court case search or a judgment search to locate cases with possible you'll find detailed judgment entries now in the case details for those cases where we have that record. 

If you have any questions or comments about this, or any Doxpop feature, don't hesitate to contact Doxpop support via email,, or give us a call at 1-866-369-7671. 

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