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Monday, August 9, 2021

Switzerland County Recorder now available for searching on Doxpop!


Welcome to our newest Indiana County partner, the Switzerland County Recorder's Office! The new Recorder, Dawn Naylor, has worked hard to convert her Land Records to a new management system and allowed Doxpop access to 10-minute updates of index data and images in this office.

The searchable index of Switzerland County's Recorded Document begins at the end of 1998, with document images available beginning in 2003. One important thing to note about this collection of Land Records is that legal description information converted from the previous system is often contained in a single text field. Searching this legal description in the customary fields may not produce complete results, and we suggest that you use the "Document Contains" text search option on our Advanced Search:

The Recorder and her staff are already working to improve the legal description indexes, so we do expect Legal Description fields to be available in Switzerland County over time. Look for Subdivision names and Section-Township-Range searching to be available for recent documents in the near future.

Another helpful option for narrowing by Legal Description information in our search results is to make use of the Filter option. For example, here we have limited recent Deeds (of which there are 20+ results) by the string "3-5-12" for the Section, Township, and Range:

This has limited the result set to only the two documents that display the string "3-5-12" and is a helpful to narrow larger result sets.

Thank you to the Switzerland County Recorder's Office for their work to change systems and update index information! Please contact Doxpop Customer Support with questions or concerns about these search options and how to make them work for you: 866-369-7176 or

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