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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Tax Warrants Paused by the State

** Final UPDATE: In July 2020, the Indiana Department of Revenue released a plan for returning to normal operation using a phased approach that was completed in October 2020. As of November 2020, Tax Warrant processing is back to normal pre-pandemic operating procedures. 

The "Back on Track" document that outlined the phased approach to returning to normal is available here: DOR_Back_On_Track_Plan.pdf

UPDATE 4/13/2020: We notice that new tax warrants and satisfactions have not stopped completely, but have slowed to a trickle in most counties. The Indiana DOR has indicated that they are continuing to take action in situations facing statutes of limitation. Please check for new warrants and satisfactions if your business depends on it. Doxpop continues to make new information available as soon as we receive it from the state.

More details about what the Indiana Department of Revenue is doing to assist Hoosiers with COVID-19 relief can be found here:

Original Post 3/25/2020:

Doxpop was notified this morning that given the current situation with COVID-19, the Indiana Department of Revenue has temporarily paused the sending of new tax warrants to be processed by County Circuit Court Clerks. This means we'll all see a drop-off in new tax warrants almost immediately across all counties until further notice. Once the Indiana DOR decides to resume sending tax warrants, we'll be notified and Doxpop's system will begin receiving new tax warrants as soon as they are available.

Researchers: Note that until a warrant is sent to the Circuit Court Clerk for recording, it does not become a judgment/lien. [ See IC 6-8.1-8-2(e) ]

For more information from the DOR, please visit and check back here for updates.

For warrant-related questions or payments where county offices are unavailable, the DOR can be reached by phone at 317-232-2240 or through payment options at you have questions or concerns about Doxpop's tax warrant services, please contact us at 866-369-7671 or

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