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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Getting support from Doxpop as we all take steps to stay healthy.

Like all responsible businesses, Doxpop is planning for continuity of excellent service while taking appropriate measures to protect our employees and their families from COVID-19.

We are pleased to report that currently, we are all healthy and just joining the rest of the world by being cautious and planning ahead.

If we have a community outbreak of COVID-19 in our area, or become aware that any employees have been exposed, we will have our staff begin working from home until the outbreak has run its course.

In the event that we have to start working from home you will probably notice no difference in our support except for the occasional dog barking in the background. We are privileged to be in a business that allows us to work remotely when the need arises, so we'll do our best to make sure Doxpop is not a part of the problem.

If we do adjust anything about our support procedures, it will be noted in the yellow banner area at the top of our web site that we use for important announcements.

Update on 3/14/20:

As of today, we have taken preemptive measures to slow the spread in our community by encouraging most of our employees to work from home beginning on Monday, 3/16.

That means that beginning Monday most of our support staff will be answering phone calls, emails and chat requests from home. We tested this plan out on Friday and it seems to be working well, but please let us know via email if you are having any trouble reaching our phone support.

Don't hesitate to provide feedback if you have any thoughts on how this affects the quality of the support you receive. We are committed to our employee's health and supporting our public health officials, but as long as those two commitments aren't compromised, we're open to ideas about fine-tuning our support plan.

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