Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: E-filing pages are about to get a whole new look and many improvements! Prepare now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

E-filing pages are about to get a whole new look and many improvements! Prepare now.

Doxpop’s focus has always been on making your work efficient and user-friendly, especially when it comes to e-filing. After over a year of hard work by our developers and testing teams, we are nearing the release of major updates that will incorporate a number of improvements you’ve suggested over the past three years of e-filing.

We know change can be challenging, so we wanted to give you some advance notice and a look at those changes before we released them. Also, rest assured that our support team is and will be here, ready to help you through the transition even with the other challenges facing the world.

This release is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24th. We strongly encourage you to check the video before that date to familiarize yourself with the new pages. We'll have more in-depth training videos posted soon.

Introduction to Doxpop's New E-Filing Process

Updated: Click here for a list of all our training resources. 

These updates will include new looks, new layout and added features in both initial filing and subsequent filing pages. Below is a list of some of the features we’ve added along with some screenshots of the new pages.
  • Clearer listing of required roles in new cases
  • Streamlined service contact attachment
  • Document uploading is streamlined
  • Document previews
  • Add attachments at the same time as lead documents. 
  • We added more logic to provide defaults for fields based on previous behavior
  • Easier to read pages 
Providing default values for repetitive fields is one of the biggest improvements, however, we couldn't do this for every field. For instance, many users suggested that we default the document security to "public". After some thought, we decided that while speed is important so is your client's privacy. We know that inadvertently submitting a confidential document as public to the court can end up being more harmful than the small amount of time to confirm that each document is public or confidential. The result is that this is one field we did not create a default for.

Filing into an existing case
Filing a new case

Adding a document/filing

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