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Thursday, January 10, 2019

E-filing account maintenance: Have a new employee? Here's what to do.

It’s easy to forget that Doxpop and E-file are actually two separate systems. We work hard to make them seamless for your efficiency. This though can cause some confusion when it comes time to manage users on these accounts, whether that's getting a new employee setup or ensuring you made the appropriate modifications when someone leaves the firm.
In the next few blog posts, we’ll elaborate and document the steps you'll want to follow in common situations in the hope to make things a little clearer.

Have a new employee? Here are the steps to get them added to Doxpop & E-file-

First, let's get them their own Doxpop user.

You can add an unlimited number of users on your Doxpop account at no additional cost, so why not give everyone their own login. The following steps will need to be done by the Doxpop account administrator.

  • Navigate to the ‘my doxpop’ tab.
  • Then on the blue menu to the left, click the ‘add a user’ link
  • Enter the new employee's information and assign them a password (they can change this later). 
  • Click [Done]. They are not sent an email from Doxpop so you'll want to provide that information to the new user. 

Now that they are set for Doxpop, let's get them added to your firm's e-file account.

This will need to be done by an e-file account administrator, that may or may not be the same as the Doxpop account administrator.

  • Navigate to the ‘e-filing’ tab
  • Then on the links to the left, click on the ‘E-filing Account Administration’ link
  • In the lower left box is the users for e-file. 
  • To add a user click the [New User] button
  • Enter their information and select if you would like them to be an Admin on the e-file account.
  • Click [Save & Send Activation Email] 

The new user will then be sent an activation email from We’ll cover the steps they need to follow at the end of this post, but as an account admin, there are a couple other things you may need to check or set up while we are here.

Is the new user a paralegal or assistant that needs to get a copy of service emails for the attorney(s) they work for?
  • If yes, you will want to add that in the service contact under that attorney's name.
  • This is done by clicking on the appropriate service contact name in the Service Contact section. 
  • Then you can add multiple email addresses to get copied anytime that service contact is served in the 'administrative copy' field.
  • If you need multiple people copied just separate the multiple emails by a comma. 

Is the new user also a firm attorney?
  • If yes, you will want to add them to the firm service contacts by clicking the [New Service Contact] button.
  • Then you will also need to add them as a firm attorney by clicking the [New Attorney] button. 
  • Then, if they are bringing cases with them to the firm you will want to make sure you get their service contact attached to all their cases and we have a tool that will help with that!
    • In the 'Service Contacts' section, click on [Additional Tools] button.
    • Here you can use the first tool to attach the service contact to all the public cases the new attorney’s bar ID is a party of record on.
    • Once that process completes you will get an email that lists all the cases that were found and that they were attached to. 

This wraps up the administrator's steps to be done. Now the new user is ready to finish their setup.

New User actions-

Here are the steps the new user will need to follow:
  • Click the validation email in the email for e-file.
  • Log into Doxpop with the Doxpop credentials you supplied them. 
    • If they wish to change the Doxpop password, have them visit the ‘my doxpop’ tab and use the [change password] button to change that.
  • Navigate to the ‘e-filing’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Log Into E-filing’ link on the left side.
  • Enter the password provided in the email. Note: it's probably best to copy & paste this.
  • Ensure the ‘Remember my e-filing credentials’ checkbox is checked. This will allow us to store their e-file credentials and have them always logged into e-file anytime they are logged into Doxpop.
That's it! Your new user should be all set to start filing on your firm’s behalf!

If you run into any issues during this process always feel free to pick up the phone and give our support team a call at 866-396-7671. A real human will answer the phone and help walk you through the process!

Make sure and sign up to follow us by email over to your left to get notifications in your email each time we post a new blog entry. Next time we’ll cover what to do when someone leaves the firm.

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