Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Welcome aboard, Lake County! Doxpop now provides access to court cases for *every* county in Indiana.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Welcome aboard, Lake County! Doxpop now provides access to court cases for *every* county in Indiana.

Over the last week, Doxpop loaded the historical case data for Lake County into our database. The addition of Lake County completes our quest, started in 2002, to provide public court case information for all Indiana counties.

Case information for Lake County goes back to January 1988.

E-Filing is not currently available in Lake County, but we are told that the current plan is for them to go live with e-filing in late 2018 or early 2019. When that happens, Doxpop will provide e-filing service immediately.

The imperfections:

Like most "complete" systems, there are imperfections that we'll plan to improve on in the coming months. They are:
  1. Juvenile cases. Several counties store their juvenile cases on the "quest" CMS. Although most juvenile cases are confidential, JP cases filed since July 2014 are public. Because we don't have an interface to quest, we can't provide access to the JP cases in Johnson, Madison, Marion, Porter, St. Joseph and Tippecanoe counties. Note: Our E-Filing system will still work for all Juvenile cases, so the gap here is just on public access.
  2. Probate Cases in St Joseph County. Currently, St. Joseph county uses the Quest CMS for their probate cases. That means that we can't provide public access for those cases, but like the juvenile cases, you can use Doxpop to initiate or e-file into existing probate cases in St Joe.
  3. Some municipal courts are missing. Although most municipal courts are on Doxpop, there are a some that either use a CMS we don't interface to or have chosen not to provide access. Those are: 
    • Jamestown Town Court 
    • Thorntown Town Court
    • Whitestown Town Court 
    • Butler City Court 
    • Avon Town Court
    • New Castle City Court
    • DeMotte Town Court
    • Portland City Court
    • Crown Point City Court
    • Whiting City Court
    • East Chicago City Court
    • Hammond City Court
    • Lake Station City Court
    • Hobart City Court
    • Merrillville Town Court 
    • Schererville Town Court 
    • Elwood City Court
    • Mooresville Town Court
    • Martinsville City Court  
    • Winchester City Court
    • Batesville City Court 
    • Fremont Town Court 
    • West Lafayette City Court 
    • Sharpsville Town Court
    • Clinton City Court
    • Wabash City Court
    • Hagerstown Town Court
  4. Older unconverted cases in Marion County. When Marion County converted to Odyssey, they did not do a complete conversion. In particular, many disposed civil cases were not converted. In general, this is not a serious problem, but we've found that many JP cases have had to be manually added when a support order is modified. This also creates an issue for title researchers and background check firms. Of corse, this is less of a problem with every passing year. 

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