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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Additional refinement to our Document Search Results

Shortly after releasing an update to the recorded document search results to make our quick-search links more apparent, we were contacted by users who were able to explain how they had been using this quick-search feature. It was apparent that the new buttons were making their process more difficult in a few ways:
  • Links are much better at showing where you are in your process by changing color once you've visited or opened that individual link. A search button was not able to clearly indicate where you've left off or which names and descriptions you've already examined.
  • Links also allowed our users to open each search in a new tab, letting you run the additional search without losing your place in your current document results. Buttons are less versatile in that they can only execute your new search in the current tab or window.

With that feedback in mind, we have updated our approach to accommodate these needs. Our apologies to anyone inconvenienced by the prior change, and a big thanks to everyone who contacted us to help identify and resolve this issue!

Specifically, we've replaced the search buttons that were added to the recorded document results with a simple search link:

The newest form of the recorded documents results page.

If you aren't aware of our other great Recorded Document features, please check out our Super Search and Full Text Search options!

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