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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

IN Supremes post proposed rule changes, some affecting technology.

The Indiana Supreme Court has just posted a batch of seven proposed rule changes. Doxpop is taking note of them because four of them touch on technology or document formatting issues and may affect the e-filers we work with. At first glance, this all makes sense to us. We thought you'd be interested as well:

The first proposed change requires that an email address and cell phone number be provided when an attorney or a pro se litigant files an appearance in a case. Note that the Court is piloting a text notification program in several counties. Presumably this rule anticipates more widespread use of that system if the pilot goes well.

Another proposed change  applies similar rules about email and cell numbers to the commencement of a small claim.

A proposal for changes to the appellate rules cleans up some stray terminology left over from the transition to e-filing, specifies how to provide exhibits on electronic media to the court, and adds a couple of non-technical rules about appendices.

Another proposed appellate rule change specifies some formatting rules:

  • Courier is removed from the list of allowed fonts for briefs/petitions and Calisto MT is added.
  • Line spacing on transcripts goes from double-spaced to 25 points in height.
In addition, language implying that malware scanning is done by the Clerk has been removed. (It is still done as an automated process, so this appears to be just for clarity.)

In addition to the proposals noted above that we're tracking as a technology firm, there are three other proposals that don't affect our work significantly, but will certainly be of interest to attorneys. You can find those three here:

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Mann Law, P.C. said...

The Office of Judicial Administration has recommended a rule change requiring that all attorneys appearing in a case place the cell phone number on the appearance which is , of course, public record in most instances. The proposed rule can be found here. I have written them and opposed it and suggested they pull such information from the Clerk of Courts information. It appears they want this to send text messages.

You can submit comments by going to this page and either submit them by e-mail or by regular mail at eh address at the bottom of the page. Proposed Rule Amendments: March 2018

Richard Mann
President and Managing Partner
Mann Law, P.C.
Indianapolis IN