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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Two new features available for e-filers!

This weekend, Doxpop added two new features for e-filers:

  1. Courtesy copies for documents, allowing you to send a copy of any document you file to any person with an email. A common use for this would be to send a copy of the document you are filing to your client or any other interested party who is not a service contact.
  2. Service contact history allows you to see when each service contact was attached to or detached from a case. This is useful when a question about service arises and you need to know whether a particular person was attached when a document was filed. 

Courtesy Copies:

Courtesy copies may be sent for any document. Specify email addresses for as many people as you wish in the area just below where you specify the party filing the document. By default, these people will receive the file-stamped copy when the document is accepted. If you also want them to receive the un-stamped document immediately when you file it, check the box next to "Also receive a Preliminary Copy."

Service Contact History:

To view the service contact history for a case, click on the button in the service contact area at the upper right corner of the subsequent filing screen:

The history will show you every service contact that was ever attached to the case, and when each was attached or detached:

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