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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

E-file Reminder: Make sure you control your service contact!

It has now been a few weeks since the State Court Administration made the changes to service contacts we first told you about in December. (Click here to see that post)

Doxpop's support team has fielded many calls on the topic and we have some suggestions as well as additional tips to share with you.

MOST IMPORTANT- Avoid a headache by making sure you are in control of how you get service. 

While we go in depth in our previous blog post about your options, here are a few key points:

Get ahead of the game and attach the service contact you want to use before anyone else decides for you. 
  • If you choose to use your public service contact, you'll want to attach that service contact so you have the ability to remove it later if needed.
  • If you choose to use your private service contact, you (or someone else in your firm) are the only ones that can attach that so be sure to get it attached to the case before someone else attaches the public service contact. 

For new cases use our 'new case auto attach' to ensure the private contact is attached the moment the case is created. 

When filing an appearance on an existing case make sure you attach your preferred service contact at that time.

For cases that are already opened, you will want to get yourself attached to them now by using our batch service contact feature.

Here is a helpful how-to video!
Also, run this process each time a new county goes live

Need to remove your public service contact from a case and it won't let you?

The only people allowed to remove a public service contact are:
  • The user that attached the public contact originally.
  • The company that runs the E-Filing manager.

If you need a public service contact removed from a case, email our support team at with the case number and the contact to be removed. We will then provide you with instructions and a form that you will need to forward to the e-file manager via email for them to remove that contact.

How do I know the service contact attached on a case is a public service contact?

This is pretty easy: A public service contact will show the attorney's bar ID after the name. 

And lastly-

If you have any questions about service contacts or any other e-filing process we encourage you to first contact Doxpop support via email at or call us at 1-866-369-7671. Chances are you're not the first person to ask and if we don't know the answer we'll help find it. 

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