Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Please join us in welcoming the Pulaski County Courts to the Doxpop network.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Please join us in welcoming the Pulaski County Courts to the Doxpop network.

Pulaski County Circuit and Superior Courts recently joined 90 other counties in making their case information available online. (We waited until after the holidays to announce this exciting news so we could have your undivided attention!)

With the addition of Pulaski Courts, you can now access current court case information from every county except Lake on Doxpop. The Pulaski Recorder's office also uses Doxpop for public access, so the services available for Pulaski now include:
  • Court E-filing.
  • Access to Public Court Case Information.
  • Access to Recorded Documents.
  • Access to Tax Warrants.
On the court side, the features of interest that this move enables are:
  • Integrated criminal e-filing for the Prosecutor, which will bring added efficiency for several offices. Case information can now flow automatically back to the Prosecutor's case management system for e-filed cases.
  • Online access to case information for attorneys, which includes the ability to set watches on cases, have their court appointments automatically sent to their office and personal calendar systems, and generally be more quickly aware of events occurring on cases of interest.
  • Online access to case information for citizens of Pulaski County at no cost. For those who are interested in following six or fewer cases, Doxpop provides free access at a limited level that includes the same research features available to attorneys.
  • Online access for County offices. Being able to quickly look up cases from anywhere is a boon to offices like the Sheriff, Probation, Community Corrections and other local justice agencies.
  • Online access for State agencies. The State Police, Department of Corrections,  Department of Child Services and many other agencies use Doxpop to look up information that helps them coordinate with county offices. This reduces the burden on those responding to requests for information from State agencies and makes their interaction more effective. 
All of this was made possible by the recent efforts of several county officials. In particular, we thank Judge Crystal Kocher and First Deputy Clerk Neena Weaver for all of the time they've put into this project during the last few months.

Clerk Christi Hoffa has been working to make this project possible for years. Health problems have kept her from being part of these last few steps, but we want to make sure everyone knows how much we appreciate the effort she put into getting us started. We look forward to her speedy recovery and return!

Information is available for all public Pulaski court cases from January 1996 forward. 

To start looking up information, go to and click on the "Sign up now!" link or call our offices at 866-369-7671 to learn more.

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