Friday, January 6, 2017

Proposed changes to Marion County rules related to e-filing. (Probate & Fax Filing)

Marion County has posted two proposed local rule changes, one of which may take effect today. The complete list of local rules and proposed changes may be found here.

The most urgent change eliminates fax filing in Marion Superior and Circuit Courts. This may result in eliminating fax as an alternative to e-filing. You can download that rule proposal here. The proposal specifies that the change takes effect today, 1/6/17.

The second change aligns the local rules for probate with the e-filing environment. In particular, the change:
  • Eliminates the requirement to file the original will, instead specifying electronic filing of the will along with an affidavit attesting that the electronic document is a scan of the original. The form for this is appended to the amendment proposal (linked below).
  • Removes the requirement that most personal representative and guardians must appear in court.
This proposed change is to take effect a week from today, 1/13/17. Download the proposed order changing probate rules here.

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