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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doxpop joins Indiana Association of Background Screeners

Although Doxpop does not do background screening in-house, many of the leading background screening firms in Indiana use Doxpop to gather public records as a part of their investigations.

These companies have recently formed an association to share information and promote best practices among Indiana background screening firms, and Doxpop has joined as an associate member.

The business of doing background screening is complex, and regulated by constantly evolving Federal and State laws. The IABS will be helping their members stay abreast of new legislation to ensure regulatory compliance. We look forward to working with this group as they build their professional membership!

Currently the following companies have joined IABS. We hope this post helps spread the word to other background screening firms using Doxpop who may have an interest:

  • Mike McCarty, Safe Hiring Solutions, Danville.
  • Will Barada- Barada & Associates, Rushville.
  • Daniel Christian- Indiana Search Technologies, Indianapolis.
  • Steve Neal- American Business Services, Indianapolis.
  • Don Johnson- Trace Investigations, Bloomington.
  • John Nolan- Nolan Security, Avon.
  • Clint Weber- Advanced Background Services, Indianapolis.
  • Larry Childress- LC Limited, Indianapolis.
  • Brandy Lord, Integrity Investigations, South Bend.
  • Dave Stinnett, Reference Services, Evansville.
  • Tim Wilcox, International Investigators, Indianapolis
  • ...And their newest member: Doxpop, Richmond.

    Anyone interested in joining this new association should contact Mike McCarty at Safe Hiring Solutions.

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