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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Welcome, Clark County Recorder's Office!

This week we are welcoming Zach Payne and his staff to our family of Recorder's Offices using Doxpop to provide public access.

Zach is new to the Recorder's office, and he's gotten off to a great start. In the first few months, Zach has enabled credit card payments in his office, added on-line access through Doxpop, added Doxpop's property watch service, and he is now working on electronic filing. Zach is moving the office into the 21st century in his first few months. (We're eager to see what he has planned for the second half of the year!)

All of these new services have been added without cost to the citizens of Clark County.

Both the index and images available for Clark County are complete from  November 1999 forward. You will also find most deed records prior to 11/99, but we can't claim complete records for earlier dates.

Access to the document index is available for free at a low-volume rate for the typical person seeking information about his or her own records, and for professionals needing higher volumes, a fee-based subscription service is available. Copy fees vary from $2 to $1 per page, depending on search volume. Go to to try out the new service.

In addition to  the interactive search service, the Recorder's office now also offers a property watch service at to help prevent identity theft and property fraud. This service costs nothing and allows Clark County residents to set a "watch" for any documents filed at the Recorder's office that reference their name or real property.

In addition to information from the Clark County Recorder, the Doxpop web site  offers access to information from 33 other Indiana recorders and court case information from 88 Indiana counties.

Welcome aboard!

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