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Monday, March 30, 2015

Doxpop Welcomes Steuben County Recorder!

We're happy to announce the newest member of our network, Steuben County Recorder! Linda Myers and her staff are adding Doxpop public access to the long list of services they provide to their citizens.

Linda is new to the elected position of Recorder, but a veteran of the office and was aided in the transition by her experienced staff. Along with public access through Doxpop, Linda is also adding our property watch service through which you may sign up to receive email alerts if your name or property is transferred or included in a document for any reason.

These new services have been added without cost to the citizens of Steuben County.

Both the index and images available for Steuben County are complete from 1994 forward.

Access to the document index is available for free at a low-volume rate for the typical person seeking information about his or her own records, and for professionals needing higher volumes, a fee-based subscription service is available. Copy fees vary from $2 to $1 per page, depending on search volume. Go to to try out the new service at no cost.

Also please check out the property watch service at to help prevent identity theft and property fraud. This service costs nothing and allows Steuben County residents to set a "watch" for any documents filed at the Recorder's office that reference their name or real property. Sign yourself up, along with any older members of your family who wouldn't have an email address.

In addition to information from the Steuben County Recorder, the Doxpop web site  offers access to information from 34 other Indiana recorders and court case information from 88 Indiana counties.

Welcome aboard!

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