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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome aboard, Carroll County!

Today, Doxpop welcomes the Carroll County Recorder's Office to our network of local government partners. Carroll County is the 31st Recorder's office we've worked with, and they pushed our count of Recorded Documents available through Doxpop to over ten million! 

Carroll County's recorded document index dates back to January 1, 1994, with images of most documents scanned and available in digital form from that date forward as well. People seeking on-line access to Carroll County's information can find it at

In addition to making the Recorded Documents in her office available online, Recorder Mary Ann Burton is now providing the Doxpop Property Watch Service to residents of Carroll County at no cost. The Property Watch service allows anyone to set a watch on her or his name and property that provides notification when a document is filed that references either. The Property Watch service may be found at

We've enjoyed working with Marry Ann and her first Deputy, Teresa as we added their county. Every new county we work with expands our circle of friends and makes coming to work each day even more fun!

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