Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carroll County's Recorded Documents will be available on Doxpop soon.

Julie and Nick stopped by the Carroll County Courthouse today in Delphi for a meeting with the Commissioners and Mary Ann Burton, Recorder. The Commissioner's approved our contract, so you can look forward to Carroll County Documents being available some time next week. 

Carroll County has a beautifully maintained courthouse with a 3-story rotunda topped by a stained glass skylight.

This was an early morning trip, so we celebrated with breakfast at the Stonehouse Restaurant and Bakery before leaving Delphi. Next time you're in Delphi, take the time to visit this restaurant. At first glance, it looks like an old drugstore with a soda counter. However, it turns out that the history of this building is a bit less wholesome, as it was a bar & bordello back in the day. When you go over for a closer look at the "soda counter", you'll realize that it's actually a massive bar made out of a single slab of walnut about 20 feet long and two feet wide.  The food and service was excellent!

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