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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The six steps to license reinstatement following a suspension for non-payment.

Doxpop's main business is providing on-line access to Indiana Court information, but we also provide an on-line payment service for citations that currently covers 27 Indiana Counties.

For most people, the process is simple. They pay their ticket and get on with their lives (hopefully with less speed & more care.)

However, we often work with people who neglected a ticket for too long and now have a license suspension. These people are in a world of hurt because this can't be fixed in one day or even a few days. However, paying via Doxpop is usually the fastest way to get the process started. Over the years, we've learned something about the process. Here's how it works, and a few key pieces of information to help you along the way:

First, make sure you acknowledge the whole problem. This process is straightforward for a single overdue ticket, but if you've got a more complicated situation, you should really be looking for an attorney instead of an on-line payment service.

1) When you've decided to pay, get it done quickly.
You can either pay your ticket at the clerk's office with cash, certified check, or money order, or you can use Doxpop's Fine Payment Service to pay it on-line. Payments through Doxpop are sent to the clerk's office and receipted on your case within 15 minutes, so we're usually the fastest method. Doxpop charges a convenience fee for our service, so if you are not in a hurry, you can save money by going straight to the clerk. If your citation is not filed in one of the counties we work with, you might be able to pay it through the State Court's payment site.

2) If you are in Indiana, wait one full business day.
All of the clerks we work with are excellent about reporting your payment to the BMV quickly. Depending on local business processes, all payments are reported either in the late afternoon or early morning following payment during a business day. These notices are sent electronically, so the BMV can process them automatically.

3) If you are outside of Indiana, the Indiana BMV will contact your State Motor Vehicle Agency.
As a general rule, State Motor Vehicle Agencies will not accept proof of payment from you or Doxpop. It is just too easy to fake these documents, so they only accept them if they come directly from another government agency. Currently, the Indiana BMV is processing payment information and notifying other States electronically in two working days, so if it is after day three, and the information has not appeared at your State Agency yet, call the Indiana BMV to find out what happened. Their number is 888-692-6841.

4) Whether you are in Indiana or elsewhere, you will need to get in touch with the BMV and pay a reinstatement fee to get your license back. In Indiana, you will find information on suspension and reinstatement on the BMV web site: You can call the Indiana BMV at 888-692-6841. Other contact information may be found at their web site:

5) In Indiana, you may also need to submit proof of insurance. The BMV will only accept this if it is sent directly from your insurance company, so plan for this in advance by contacting your agent to make sure they are prepared to submit this on your behalf.

6) Did we remember to say "Be Nice"? We know you need to be able to drive to work, and care about helping you get this taken care of quickly. However, you should prepare to be patient and kind to everyone you speak to. Even on their best day, nobody calls a Clerk's office or the BMV to compliment them or ask them to relax, so know in advance that grumpy and impatient won't make you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, please don't interpret any of what's been said above as legal advice. We are not attorneys, and we are only telling you the mechanics of how the accounting process works after you have already made a decision to pay the ticket. If you have a question about that decision, seek an attorney to advise you.

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