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Monday, July 9, 2012

Good news, better news, and excellent news!

Good: Over the weekend, we posted our monthly update for counties using the Odyssey Case Management System run by the State's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee. Information for those courts is now current through July 1.

Better: Included in this update was LaPorte County, which has recently converted to the Odyssey system. We've been struggling to get good information from the older case management system in LaPorte for some time, so in this case, migrating to Odyssey was a positive move, and we can now provide you with cleaner and more complete data for LaPorte.

The most excellent news is that we are about one week away from being able to provide real-time updates for counties using the Odyssey system. For about half a year now, we've provided a monthly updates for these counties. That's not near the standard of service we set for the first 50 counties that partnered with Doxpop, but we figured it was still valuable information, so we've provided the monthly updates while working toward a better solution.

Next Monday, we expect to turn on real-time updates for the Odyssey counties, which means:

  1. Every time you look at a case, you'll be viewing current information.
  2. You can set an alert on a case, person, or custom search and receive immediate updates via eMail as changes occur.
  3. You'll receive hearing schedule notifications in real-time.
  4. You'll be able to view calendars for your cases or court calendars on-line.
  5. You'll be able to set up an iCal feed to ensure that whenever the local court schedules a hearing for one of your cases, it immediately appears on your personal calendar- either on your desktop, or on your mobile device.


Anonymous said...

I will never trust doxpop to have accurate information for counties' dockets that they steal off of Oddysey.

Ray Ontko said...

Actually, Doxpop pays the Indiana judiciary a pretty penny for access to the information, about $0.15 for each case filed. They and we have developed computer interfaces that convey the information from the courts to Doxpop frequently and accurately. We do careful testing to make sure that the information we receive matches the information available from the state website.

Of course, Doxpop is not the official record; you must go to the county courthouse to obtain official case information from the clerk. But we take accuracy and completeness very seriously. Our customers depend on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Good to know!