Thursday, July 19, 2012

Real-time update process for Odyssey/JTAC counties underway- expect higher notification volumes for a few days.

Great news! We are currently applying the updates to bring the updates for Odyssey/JTAC courts current. When this process is complete, we'll be completely synched with the courts in these counties, and updates will be applied in "real-time" so that you are always seeing current information.

While we are "rolling forward" the updates from July 1, those of you who take advantage of our notifications service may receive an unusually high volume of notifications for changes to cases or the addition of new hearings on your calendar.

When the systems are completely synched up. the volume of notifications will settle down to the normal level. Although this initial additional volume may be a bit inconvenient, we decided that, on balance, it would be better to notify you of all changes in July as a way to "jump start" the notification services and help everyone become aware of this important change.

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