Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're correcting a problem with Real-Time updates for JTAC/Odyssey Counties.

We've run into a problem with missing minute entries for some cases in the 30 JTAC/Odyssey counties.

The problem was easy to fix, but requires reloading the data so we're now a little more than a week behind schedule, but very close to having it done!

In the meantime, please be aware that although all cases are on the system for JTAC/Odyssey counties, and the vast majority are just fine, a few are missing their minute entries. The counties using the CSI, CourtView, and Keystone case management systems are unaffected by this problem.

Hang in there! We're almost done, and expect to wrap-up the addition of these counties to the real-time feed this weekend.

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