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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vermillion County Recorder Joins Doxpop

The Vermillion County Recorder, Lori Porter, has just become the 14th Indiana Recorder to make recorded document index and image information available on the web via Doxpop. Lori is also providing the Doxpop Property Watch Service to her community. Both services are provided on the web without the need to dip into the pockets of taxpayers, proving once again that county government in Indiana can still teach our state a few lessons about efficiency and accountability.

Local property owners who wish to receive email notification when documents referencing their property are filed by the Recorder may go to to register. It costs nothing to use this free service.

Access to detailed index and image information is provided at as a subscription service designed to serve businesses. Fees collected for the subscription service allow Doxpop and the Recorder's Office to provide these services with no public funding. The recorded document index information for Vermillion County dates back to August of 1994. Scanned images of documents begin in December of 1997. Vermillion County indexes over 69,000 documents, with images provided for 44,000. In all, Doxpop now provides index information for 5.1 million Indiana recorded documents and images for 4.1 million documents.

Vermillion County's Court Records have been available online at Doxpop since 2009 thanks to the efforts of Clerk Florinda Pruitt and Judge Bruce Stengel. Doxpop provides similar public access services to several other counties in the region including Vigo, Sullivan, Clay, Putnam, Montgomery, and Fountain.

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