Monday, November 22, 2021

A bug in the Clerk's Review Module is causing some documents to appear rotated. (It's not your fault!)

 A couple of Doxpop E-Filers have reported that the documents they uploaded appear to be rotated 90 degrees when the clerk reviews them. One person had their filing rejected because of this. This happens most frequently to people who scan their documents rather than saving to PDF directly from their word processor

Doxpop's support team investigated and learned that a recently released "upgrade" to the Clerk's Review Module has a bug that causes documents that are actually oriented correctly to display badly in the Clerk's office. The bottom line is that your documents are fine, and the problem is with software on the receiving end of the system.

If a clerk or court rejects your filing as "illegible" because it is displayed sideways, please refer them to Indiana Trial Court Technology. TCT is the group that provides technical support to the clerks and they will confirm that there's no problem with your documents and they should be accepted.


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