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Friday, April 10, 2020

Please vote now to avoid having to decide whether it is safe to vote later.

This is way outside of our usual purview, but important enough to take a moment for...

Indiana has rescheduled the primary election this year to June 2nd in an effort to get well past the peak of COVID-19 danger. There is still some uncertainty around what the procedures will be for in-person voting, and of course no way to know what the pandemic situation will be.

However, in the meantime, there is no reason you can't go ahead and cast an absentee ballot now so you know your vote will be counted even if the situation on June 2nd makes it difficult to safely vote in person.

To obtain an absentee ballot, you must fill out an application and mail it to your local Clerk's election office. The election office must receive this form on or before May 21, 2020, so don't wait. Do it now.

 This special form for the June 2020 election does not require that you state a reason for needing to vote absentee. Fill out the first page carefully, and then look on the second page to find the address of your county election office.

You can download the form at this link: ABS-MAIL PRIMARY 2020


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Got our applications for ballots in and are waiting for the actual ballots by return mail.
For the primary only this year, you DO NOT need to mark a reason for voting absentee, and in Indiana, you will still be able to vote in person if you would prefer. If you've already voted by absentee ballot, you don't need to do anything more!

If it's your first time voting absentee, remember there are FOUR steps to this process. 1. Call your county's election office or county clerk and ask them to mail you an application for a ballot. OR download an application from the website. 2. Fill it out properly,(only takes a minute), mail it back to the county election office. 3. Receive your actual ballot in the mail from the election office. 4. Sign and return your ballot. If you're worried about security, you could send it by registered or certified mail or take it in person to the courthouse. With ours, there's a drop box outside the courthouse to put it in, or you could call and make an appointment to meet an election employee at the courthouse door. Thanks for voting!

Ray Ontko said...

You can also request an absentee ballot at this website.